The Mary Tavy Jubilee Group was created by residents of the village of Mary Tavy to undertake projects for the benefit of the community.

It was set up in the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and evolved out of an action group which constructed a footpath, Jubilee Walk.  The Group has now put on a huge range of events and has arranged improvements to the village. 

The group is a charity, set up as a trust.

Take a look at our facebook page, which will include information on forthcoming events, planning applications and other items of interest to the community in Mary Tavy:
       Grant assistance for Covid-19 community support:

A new group, Mary Tavy Community Support, was set up in the early stages of the Coronavirus crisis.  Mary Tavy Jubilee Group made available up to 500 from its funds to help support the group with any expenses, including printing of their initial flyer.

Devon County Council later announced a Covid-19 Prompt Action Fund which we, as a charitable trust, were able to apply for and our application has been successful with 495 being available - again to support the work of Mary Tavy Community Support. 

This includes transport costs for shopping, medical or vet trips, for telephone costs for befriending, for purchase of protective clothing and sanitizer, and for printing.

Therefore volunteers with Mary Tavy Community Support, undertaking trips for those who are self-isolating and vulnerable - whether for shopping or a medical appointment - can get travel costs reimbursed, and would be entitled to PPE and sanitizer to ensure they are safe.

Whether you are a volunteer or someone in need of help, contact Mary Tavy Community Support,, 01822 811019.

Finally, please stay safe, look after yourselves and others, and be thankful we live in a village with so many people willing to do all they can to support those who need it during this difficult time.












  Jubilee Group events, and all other events and activities in Mary Tavy, have been postponed or cancelled for the time being.  Publication of our newsletter, Jubilee News, has been paused.
Regular group and club meetings in Mary Tavy have been suspended, but you can still see the list of Clubs and Local Contacts (pdf) which will start up again later in the year.
The accounts of the Jubilee Group are available for anyone to view online (pdf).
General Data Protection Policy (pdf).
A set of Terms of Reference which expand on the Objects of the Jubilee Group can be viewed here (pdf).